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To all Deline Beneficiaries of the SDMCLCA,

For your information, by end of day September 2, 2016, the updated list of nominees for the Dene Gha Gok’eRehkw’i (DGGR/Beneficiary Board) will be posted on the ourdeline.ca website. This will includetheir short paragraph or video clip submitted as part of their nomination package; their residency status; and their picture (if provided).

Beneficiaries will be able to provide comments, in confidence, to the Nominations Officer regarding the nominees until Saturday September 10, 2016 at 5:00 PM MST. Comments may be submitted in... read more

Welcome to ourdeline.ca, a website dedicated to providing information on the Deline Final Self-Government Agreement and self-government implementation.

Fact Sheet #1 - How the FSGA was Made (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #3 - What You Need to Know About Voting (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #4 - One Government for Deline (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #5 - Elected Representatives and Advisory Councils (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #12 - Financing Agreement (translation by Jane Modeste)

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  • Self-government will mean change for everyone living in Deline. This includes Deline First Nation members and non-members. It will also affect Deline First Nation Band members and land claim beneficiaries who live outside the community.

    Once Deline is self-governing, members of the Deline First Nation Band and land claim beneficiaries who are registered with the Deline Land Corporation will all be Deline First Nation Citizens. Their new government will be called the Deline Got’ine Government and it will take over the roles of the land corporation and the band, as well as the Charter Community.

  • Under the FSGA, the DGG will deliver local services to all residents of Deline as the Charter Community of Deline is currently doing. Residents of Deline who currently meet eligibility requirements for existing territorial or federal programs and services will continue to receive those programs and services from those governments after self-government. When the DGG is ready, it will be able to exercise its social jurisdictions for all residents of Deline. When that happens, discussions will take place among the governments to ensure a smooth transition.

    All residents of Deline who are Canadian citizens and meet age and residency requirements may run for office in the DGG and may vote in DGG elections, though there will be some positions that will only be open to Deline First Nation Citizens to run for and vote on.