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Notice is given to the Beneficiaries of Deline that the nomination period for the first Dene Gha Gok’e rehkw’i (DGGR or Beneficiaries Board) Members of the Deline Got’ine Government closed on July 11, 2016. The Nominees for the 4 remaining positions are:

  • Gina Dolphus (resident)
  • Danny Gaudet (resident)
  • Leonard Kenny (resident)
  • Fibbie Tatti (non-resident)
  • Judi Tutcho (non-resident)

Profiles of each nominee are available on this website. All Beneficiaries are welcome to provide comments confidentially... read more

Welcome to ourdeline.ca, a website dedicated to providing information on the Deline Final Self-Government Agreement and self-government implementation.

Fact Sheet #1 - How the FSGA was Made (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #3 - What You Need to Know About Voting (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #4 - One Government for Deline (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #5 - Elected Representatives and Advisory Councils (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #12 - Financing Agreement (translation by Jane Modeste)

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