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As September 1, 2016 (Effective Date) nears, implementation activities are going full-steam ahead. Almost every week there are workshops and meetings, on topics from building the Lands department to reviewing draft laws for the Beneficiaries Board to designing the single accounting system.

The first election is coming up on June 6, 2016 and preparations are underway. We are planning information workshops to ensure that residents considering running in the first election have the opportunity to understand the scope and responsibilities of the new government and its council positions... read more

Welcome to ourdeline.ca, a website dedicated to providing information on the Deline Final Self-Government Agreement and self-government implementation.

Fact Sheet #1 - How the FSGA was Made (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #3 - What You Need to Know About Voting (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #4 - One Government for Deline (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #5 - Elected Representatives and Advisory Councils (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #12 - Financing Agreement (translation by Jane Modeste)

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  • The Deline Got’ine Government (DGG) will manage community affairs and local services such as the following:

    • Liquor and gaming regulation
    • Aboriginal affairs, including language and culture
    • Education, including early childhood education
    • Adoption
    • Health services
    • Social housing and income support
    • Tourism in the Deline district
    • Local land use planning

    The DGG will not take on all of these responsibilities right away. For example, education and health services are complex areas. They will be managed by the GNWT until the DGG is ready to take them on.

  • The Final Self-Government Agreement says that people in Deline will continue to have programs and services that are similar to those in other communities in the NWT. To help make sure this happens, the Deline Got’ine Government (DGG) will have to set up and enforce its own standards. This will make sure that the programs and services are delivered safely and effectively.

    The standards for many programs, like those for child protection, must line up with standards across the NWT. For other programs and services, the DGG will be able to set standards that are better suited to the language, culture and traditions of Deline.